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  • A/C Maintenance for Dry, Semi-Arid Environments

    Being a homeowner in a dry, semi-arid environment can be challenging. Your A/C is your lifeline in the summer months. Should something ever happen to it…  Let’s not go down that rabbit hole. With these tips, survive and thrive through the summer months to keep your A/C running smoothly for years.  At Pomona Valley Plumbing, […]

  • Kiss Cold Showers Goodbye with a Tankless Water Heater!

    You might not know it, but you’re likely all too familiar with the downsides of using a traditional storage-tank water heater in Pomona Valley.  We’ve all had those mornings. The ones where you constantly check your shower to see if it’s finally warm enough to get ready for work. Or even worse, you jump in […]

  • The Impact of Heat Waves on Air Conditioning Systems

    As summer temperatures soar, the demand for air conditioning systems peaks, making them indispensable for maintaining indoor comfort. However, heat waves can significantly strain these systems, leading to various issues affecting their performance and longevity. For homeowners in Pomona, ensuring that your AC system operates efficiently and safely during extreme heat is crucial. Here, we […]

  • Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning Solutions for SoCal Homes

    In the warm climate of Southern California, air conditioning is not just a luxury but a necessity. However, running an AC system can consume considerable energy and drive up your utility bills, especially during the peak summer months. The good news is that with technological advancements, homeowners can upgrade to more energy-efficient systems. Upgrading not […]

  • Choosing the Best Air Conditioners for Southern California’s Climate

    In the sun-soaked regions of Southern California, a robust and efficient air conditioning system is essential for comfortable living. At Pomona Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we specialize in everything from Pomona air conditioning installation to Pomona A/C repair and Pomona air conditioning replacement, ensuring your home stays cool even during the hottest days. Here’s […]


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