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Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

What is Backflow?

Homes and businesses get drinkable, clean water from municipal water lines and this water flows under pressure. Backflow is the reverse flow of dirty water through the clean water lines. Dirty water is usually polluted with pesticides, chemicals, fertilizer and other harmful materials, that might seriously threaten your health. Backflow can occur at cross-connections between clean and unclean water in any water system of residential or commercial facilities.

Backflow Prevention

To ensure the constant uninterruptable flow of clean drinkable water, a backflow prevention device must be installed in the water system. This device usually consists of a couple of mechanical check valves (regulators) that prevent dirty water from running back into the clean water supply in case if water pressure changes unexpectedly in  the water lines. Your drinkable water will be clean and free of contaminants if the backflow prevention device is accurately installed and regularly maintained.

Backflow testing guarantees clean drinking water

A backflow testing is a procedure of inspecting the dependability and proper operation of the backflow valves, which help to keep the water flowing in one direction in a plumbing system. A potentially dangerous situation occurs if the backflow valves are defective, in which drinkable water might reverse its direction and become polluted with harmful substances.  

Backflow prevention testing is extremely important, it guarantees that our drinking water remains clean and free of contaminants, especially in large facilities like apartment buildings, restaurants and hotels. In fact municipal governments require backflow prevention testing and many businesses need to update their backflow testing records annually at the municipal authorities to follow the local city codes.


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When we turn on the faucet to get drinking water, we don’t even think that unhealthy chemicals and sewage could contaminate our adjacent water lines from the main sewer line that they are connected to. That’s why backflow testing is needed. Reputable and experienced technicians from Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning can perform backflow testing procedures regularly, and make sure that all repairs and installations of all types of backflow prevention devices are done properly. Our backflow experts in Pomona Valley can also check your plumbing system to confirm that your home or business facility is supplied with the required backflow prevention device.

Since we are available reliable service you can call Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning any time and schedule your backflow test that can help keep your home and water safe.

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