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AC Condenser Repair

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Nowadays people cannot imagine their lives without modern conveniences such as air conditioning (AC) systems in particular. Present day AC units are widely used in different sectors like manufacturing industries, commercial areas, hospitals, hotels and most of all in households.

AC units are not just useful for maintaining comfortable temperatures at home, but also immensely helpful in keeping hygienic atmosphere. But your inside air will be clean only in case if you take a proper and regular care of your AC, because it is more likely that if you’ve ignored a scheduled checkup, your AC system isn’t operating as it should. Dirt and debris that have been accumulating during a year and clogging the cooling fins, a low refrigerant level and some other minor issues can considerably reduce the efficiency of your AC unit and the period of its service.

How a Condenser Works

An AC condenser is one of the most important parts in the AC system. It is the outdoor unit of the system, and it cooperates with the compressor to ensure the adequate cooling of your home or business facility. During the time of your AC operation, the compressor conserves the refrigerant into a hot liquid. When this liquid is transferred into the condenser and moves through its many coils, the heat from the liquid seeps out of the condenser fins and at the end of the coils it gets a lot cooler but is still highly pressurized. There is a valve in the condenser with a small diameter and this pressurized liquid leaves through this valve in a form of a mist, then inside the evaporator coil (the indoor AC unit) it turns into a gas and gets completely cooled there and blown out by the fan into the ducted area and inside your rooms.

Three main reasons that cause problems in a condenser:

  • Debris and dust

The condenser is usually situated outside and even though it is covered with a ventilated cabinet, it is still constantly collecting dirt and dust from the outdoor air through the bigger pores in the cabinet. If you live in a private house, your condenser continuously gets clogged with dry tree leaves, sticks, gravels and stones of various sizes. These objects may damage the condenser inner parts like the motor, belts, fan blades, thus hindering the operation of the air conditioner.

  • Leaking of refrigerantAC Condenser Unit Repair

Smooth functioning of the AC is also held back by leaking of refrigerant. A thin tube that circulates the refrigerant from the condenser to the compressor and vice versa is vitally important in the system operation. If it leaks for some reason, the entire system is jeopardized. Hissing sound from the AC system, drops of water on the floor just below the AC, frost outside the unit all indicate leaking in the pipe.

  • Electrical faults

The AC unit includes smaller electrical devices that are connected to each other. Electricity powers the condenser motor which in turn activates the fan and the compressor. The electrical wires inside and outside the motor or the capacitor may start malfunctioning due to some factors. If they do, the condenser starts malfunctioning as well.

To prevent hazardous situations at your home or business, servicing your AC unit and its condenser in particular is required at least once a year. At Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning (your one-stop plumbing and HVAC contractor) our specialists possess the necessary skills and expertise to completely service your AC unit. Sometimes the emergency situations might occur with your AC unit whether it is a condenser or other part failure. Again our service technicians are available for full service to take care of any troublesome AC condition that interferes with your home comfort. Contact us today and we will answer all your questions concerning servicing your AC systems.

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