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Replacing and Repairing HVAC Systems Filters in Pomona Valley

Filters are indispensable tools when it comes to your HVAC system long-lasting and reliable operation. A clogged air filter significantly impacts your HVAC system which can result in causing damage to your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace so it is vital to maintain the air filter in a clean and deposit-free condition.

Any AC or heating system needs the proper amount of air flow across the coil or heat exchanger to work to its maximum. The air flow is minimized when the air filter gets clogged – in this case the blower works harder and harder to drag the needed amount of air across the coil or heat exchanger. So what is the result of your filter clogging up with dust and debris? The effects of a clogged HVAC air filter in your AC or heating system are more harmful than one can imagine. A broken air filter can cause system failure and in that case costly repairs would become inevitable.

Dirty Filters

Dirty Filters Cause Numerous Problems for Your AC and Heating Systems

  1. Reduced air flow into your home or business facility
  2. Increase in the operating costs of your AC or heating system
  3. Dirt accumulating on the fan blades and inside the duct work, leading to mold growth inside the building and causing a number of allergies
  4. Dirt building up on the cooling coils, this lets frost build up on the coils and the fans, making it more difficult for the unit to cool or heat your house.
  5. A dirty air filter also means more work for your AC or heating system, consequently taking more energy to fuel the system. A simple procedure of changing the 
    air filter could save you much money on utility bills.
  6. In extreme cases a clogged HVAC air filter can become really dangerous – it can be pulled out of position and straight into the blower assembly. If this happens the blower fan can jam and overheat, running a risk of literally burning the equipment.

Changing the filters in your HVAC systems on time should become a routine procedure done monthly or if your filter is of higher quality, every three months. However, if you have a large family or home pets, change the filter more often.

If your require more information on changing your dirty air filter or repairing the damage the clogged filter may have caused, there’s no better plumbing and HVAC contractor than Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, proudly serving Pomona Valley. Don’t hesitate to contact us – our technicians are experienced and trustworthy, available for your emergency complete services.

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