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The blower motor of a heating or air conditioning unit is a fan that generates air movement, also called airflow. This airflow produces the pressure difference that helps to push the cooled or heated air into the duct work and throughout the supply vents. If the airflow is not obstructed and the blower motor operates without interruptions, the AC or heating system works well. However, there are some things that can influence the airflow/air movement. One of them is the condition of the motor, the wheel and housing. If one of these components is broken or malfunctioning, it will interrupt the operation of the entire unit. That’s why some experienced HVAC technicians recommend cleaning the parts of the blower motor on a regular basis. But this task is better to be left to the professionals like the ones from Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. We are a family-owned and full-service plumbing and HVAC contractor, hiring only highly trained and skilled technicians, experienced to help with any HVAC issue you might be facing, including motor replacements. However, if your system blower motor is still running, think about preventative measures in advance. They can potentially extend your equipment term of service and save you some money on unnecessary repairs.

The successful operation of the AC or heating system motor is vital for your home or business overall comfort. The longer you leave the issue with the blower motor untreated, the more expensive the repairs will become, because the lack of airflow through the AC or heating system can cause the other parts to overheat and break down. Do not miss the common signs indicating that your blower motor is failing. They are listed below.

  • A humming noise – A humming/buzzing noise emerging from your motor usually means that the power has been received but the blades are not spinning. Our experts can examine the motor and determine the cause of the problem, replacing the faulty component if needed.
  • Irregular operation – Irregular operation may indicate that the motor is overheating because it is failing or that one of its components is not working properly. A bad motor will most likely need to be replaced while a faulty component can be repaired.
  • Air at your home is not being cooled – Lack of cold air means that the AC blower motor stopped working completely. This can happen because of a bad connection, broken motor or faulty relay. Our technicians will examine the motor to determine why it is not functioning the way it should and repair/replace it.

Why Choose Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning for Your Motor Replacement Needs

We always make our customers’ comfort a priority. With over five decades of experience we are at your disposal to solve any of your heating, cooling and air quality problems. We proudly serve Pomona Valley commercial and residential owners with exceptional service, high quality and affordable prices. Our flawless reputation as the leading plumbing and HVAC contractor will ensure your home is in good hands with us. Here are a couple of reasons why our customers keep requiring our services and recommend us to others:

  1. Upfront pricing before we start our project and no additional charges or hidden fees.
  2. We are available to complete service providing emergency services
  3. All our service technicians are fully-insured, trained and drug-tested
  4. Our trucks are fully loaded with common necessary parts – respecting your time and avoiding additional trips to the supply house
  5. We service systems of all makes and models

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