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Recharging Refrigerant in Residential Homes and Commercial Facilities

Central AC systems should provide comfortable temperatures for your home. If you noticed that your AC didn’t adequately cool your rooms, even though it was appropriately sized for your home, something must be wrong. You should have heard about the need to regularly change AC filters, keep AC clean, and have a programmable thermostat, but on top of that AC units may also require refrigerant recharge. If your system has malfunctioned or has been damaged, it is a warning sign and you should check if your AC is low on refrigerant.

In hot climate of Pomona Valley area it is vital to have an affordable and dependable HVAC company you can trust.

Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning is the HVAC company to rely on. Our technicians are fully-licensed, drug-tested and insured, having been expertly trained in the industry. The HVAC services we provide are numerous and recharging your home AC is one of them. Our experienced pros can get your AC unit recharged promptly and effectively.

Maintain Your AC Refrigerant Levels

It is not just a recommendation to have your refrigerant level maintained but it is the requirement by the EPA (Environmental Protection Administration). Your AC uses a refrigerant to draw the heat out of the air. After the heat has been transferred, it is ready to go into the compressor. But if the refrigerant is low or nonexistent, no transfer of heat can take place. So, a recharge is simply a refilling of the refrigerant into the unit.  Do not forget that refrigerant is a very dangerous substance and should never be attempted as a DIY project. Refrigerant is meant to last for some time and under normal conditions it should even outlive your AC unit unless the unit has a refrigerant leak. However, if you do not inspect your unit systematically, you may not even suspect that there is a leak. Below are a few warning signs that might make you call Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning to have a skillful expert visit your home or business facility and perform AC refrigerant recharge procedure.

AC System Refrigerant RechargeSigns Your AC System Requires a Refrigerant Recharge

The fact is that you do not inspect your AC system every day to notice anything unusual. Some of the signs that you need a refrigerant recharge are described below:

  • Your vents are blowing room temperature air – This is a certain sign of a required recharge. However, a defective thermostat may be the issue, but a definite way to know is the gradual depletion of cool air that slowly becomes warmer as the AC system is running out of refrigerant.
  • Frozen units – one of the signs that your AC unit is leaking is the buildup of frost/ice on the copper lines emerging from it. These lines are designed for the refrigerant to flow through them. It will freeze almost anything it touches. If there is a leak, you will notice it because everything will be frost-covered or just frozen.
  • High electrical usage – if the refrigerant is leaking, it will undoubtedly result in higher electricity bills because it will take longer for your AC unit to cool your home.

Regular maintenance

It’s always good to inspect your AC unit regularly so that it would continue to operate without interruptions. Depending on your budget, have a HVAC technician from Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning pay you a visit and detect a refrigerant leak, repairing or recharging your AC system.

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