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For most businesses and homes heating and cooling systems play a crucial role in an overall well-being of the entire business, so to choose one that will last you for many years is extremely important. Rooftop units are a great option for a lot of commercial and some residential buildings. A principle of a rooftop unit operation is pretty easy to understand. All of the components necessary to heat and cool your residential or commercial property are contained in one unit, and that unit is mounted on the roof of your property. The air conditioner or heat pump, a gas or electric furnace, a humidity control system and the key components of your air circulation system will be enclosed in one convenient unit. Actually convenience is one of the attractive features why the rooftop units sell well.

The location of the rooftop units keeps them out of the way so that every worker in your building could enjoy the comfortable temperatures without having to deal with the HVAC system noise or the compressor emissions. Nowadays the rooftop units have become so popular and wide-spread that it’s hard to choose the right one without the assistance of a skilled heating and cooling professional.

Why Choose a Rooftop Unit

Since the rooftop units accommodate all of the essential heating and cooling components in one place, they are pretty accessible for routine maintenance and repair services. When you move the HVAC equipment to the roof, this also helps you free up valuable space around your business facility – a couple of extra parking spaces or a nice landscaping design will be more appealing than the look of unattractive equipment.

Being an owner of a commercial or big residential property, whatever its size or the way you use the space, brings a huge responsibility with it. You have a lot on your plate – bills to pay, the facility to care for, the business to run – so the last thing you would want to worry about are uncomfortable temperatures inside of the building. Comfortable environment is important when it comes to your employees, customers, tenants and prospective clients. Your reputation might be at stake. So if you require a great HVAC system to heat and cool your commercial or residential property throughout the entire year, investing in a rooftop unit will be a great idea.

Rooftop Unit Experts

Rooftop Unit Experts

In order to handle the projects that involve installing of the rooftop units at your property, you will need a professional heating and AC contractor who has specific experience dealing with this type of equipment. At Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning you can find just the right expert to install or service your rooftop unit in Pomona Valley. Call our experts who specialize in rooftop unit installation, repair and maintenance today. Our 50+ years of experience in the plumbing and HVAC industry will guarantee a professional approach and high quality service for our customers. We are also available to complete service for emergency rooftop unit services in case something breaks down unexpectedly and you will need it repaired right away.

There are many advantages to having a rooftop unit installed at your residential or commercial facility. The HVAC technicians at Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning will be more than willing to help you make use of all of them. Give us a call today for any rooftop unit services that you might require.

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