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Water Lines

Water Lines

Clean fresh water is delivered directly to your home by means of a single water line from the municipal water supply, under your property, and inside your home. Such a water-supply line usually works without interruption. But the following signs such as a sudden drop in water pressure, discolored water or a recurring wet spot in your backyard indicate that your water line is broken.

So water lines might fail and start leaking over time, and when they do, they will undoubtedly cause damage to your home foundation and landscape, consequently leading to higher water bills. And if your house was built before the mid 1960’s, most likely you have got galvanized piping. Such piping is only rated for 50 years of service and more susceptible to leaking and rusting. If you notice any of these water line problems in your home, then it might be time to have Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning experts come to your door and perform necessary repairs. In these cases, contact us as soon as possible to inspect your water lines and resolve the problem quickly before it gets worse.

A Professional Water Line Installation is Necessary

It is important to have a professional plumber who possesses the skills, experience and tools to install your water lines if you want them to be durable. When our technicians from Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning install your water line, you’ll know your options beforehand and get the necessary recommendations to make the right decision.

When to Consider a Water Line Replacement

If you require a water line replacement at your home, there is no sense in postponing that project. A few instances in which you may need to schedule a water line replacement are mentioned below:

  • A catastrophic failure with your water line, such as a freezing and bursting situation in winter. Water line replacement may be your only option.
  • In case if you require water line repairs, but the pipe is not really worth saving or it is made of already deteriorating materials. Replacement seems a better option.

Signs That You Need Water Line Repair

Regardless of the size of a leak in your water line, you’ll still be wasting a significant amount of water. Your water line will just leak constantly (unlike the appliance that only leaks when in use), and that amount keeps adding up. Watch out for the signs that you might need water line repairs, such as:

  • Damp patches on your front lawn
  • Sediment in the water inside your home
  • Visible water damage to your property
  • The sound of water running when you do not use it
  • An increase in your water bills without any evident reason

If you ever suspect that your water line is leaking, let us know. We want your water line repairs to be completed promptly and professionally.

Trust the experts and let our water lines technicians from Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning handle your water line installation, replacement or repair in Pomona Valley.

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