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Servicing Compressors of HVAC Systems in Pomona Valley

Heating, ventilating, and AC (HVAC) systems comprise of several parts that operate in harmony and create that long-awaited comfort for our homes and offices. A well-maintained system is manufactured to last about 12-15 years, but its term of service can be significantly reduced in case when accurate installation methods and routine maintenance are not followed.

The compressor is the main component of the system and commonly called the “heart” of the system because it pumps the refrigerant through the coils and the line set. This is a good comparison for a few reasons:

  • The compressor is one of the major components and the HVAC system can’t function without it.
  • The compressor is typically very reliable, and if it has failed before its expected time of service (10-15 years), there is a reason for that failure.
  • It does break and it is expensive and sometimes impossible to be repaired.
  • Like that of a heart, the compressor’s job is to compress the refrigerant gas and pump it through the system in order to subtract heat and humidity from the air.

Some of the things that can cause HVAC system compressor failure and overheating are described below:

  1. Dirty coils.
  2. Blocked suction lines.
  3. Incorrect suction line size.
  4. Low refrigerant charge.
  5. Too much refrigerant.
  6. Electrical problems.
  7. Contaminants in the system.
  8. Inadequate oil lubricant.

If the compressor failure causes your entire system to breakdown, you face a major HVAC emergency service problem and most likely significant expenses. The compressor is a vital and expensive part of the system, and when it breaks down, sometimes it cannot be repaired, and then you may find yourself spending a lot on a new unit. However, 80 % of the causes of the compressor failure are preventable if the problems with your compressor are solved on time. These problems can be diagnosed and taken care of during regular preventative maintenance of the HVAC system.

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Take Good Care of Your Compressor with Regular Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance as a means of averting the compressor failure is critical for the overall successful operation of the HVAC system. More and more residential and commercial owners are willing to pay for high-quality and timely preventative maintenance plans.

When your compressor is properly handled and maintained, it will guarantee a consistent and reliable air heating or cooling of your Pomona Valley home. That means having your HVAC system serviced at least every six months by a reputable and experienced service company. Make sure you choose a full-scale contractor with knowledgeable, skilled technicians like the ones from Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. Having been in plumbing business for over 50 years, we possess the right expertise and tools to discover and prevent the problems that might cause the compressor breakage.

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