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Technological Advances and Innovations in Plumbing

Smart shower and bath systemsThe growth of technological advances in the last twenty years has already gone beyond the expectations of experts within the plumbing industry. There is a great number of options to create a personal, relaxing experience in your house from “smart” shower/bath systems to toilets manufactured in a way that surpass your personal expectations.

We as homeowners sometimes don’t even consider how the technological advances in plumbing industry can make our homes cleaner, more comfortable and environmentally-friendly. Advancements in the plumbing industry are aimed at enhancing indoor sanitation systems or adding comfort features that increase your property’s value. Read on to get a better picture on these plumbing innovations.

  1. Plumbing Smart Electronics
  • Innovative smart shower technologyis designed to save homeowners a significant amount of energy and water. The average showering procedure can waste up to 30% of water per shower and use 41% of the home’s hot water heating energy. Smart shower technology not only enhances the shower experience with adapted water flow and temperature adjustments, it is also intended to save enough water and energy over time.
  • Smart home sensors are already applied at many homes to coordinate lighting, security, HVAC, and home entertainment systems. Presently homeowners can also take advantage of plumbing applications with electronic fluid sensors and smart meters. These systems provide monitoring, control, and adjustments to sprinkler systems, pool and shower pumps, as well as water heaters. Water leaking from any of these systems is easily spotted before major home damage is done.
  • Motion sensor toilet nightlights solve a common problem which is finding your toilet in the dark. This smart toilet light is motion-activated to turn on when you approach the toilet and turn off after a preset time period. It is also available in multiple lighting arrangements. This simple innovation adds comfort to your home in terms of safety, style, and sanitation. Wireless entertainment technology even includes bathroom and/or kitchen wall-mounted speaker systems that are moisture and waterproof.
  1. A Touchless Toilet

 About 30 % of retailers say they have customers who seek touchless technology for their homes. In the bathroom, a touchless toilet allows the homeowners to wave their hand above the toilet to flush it. After they’re done, the toilet lid will automatically close without slamming. Another plumbing innovation automatically disperses cleaning chemicals at every flush into the toilet bowl.

  1. Digital showersDigital showers

Showers have also undergone the wave of plumbing innovations. From a rainhead to body sprays, your shower is completely modified to suit your preferences. Moreover, digital showers exclude the bulkiness of handles and knobs, turning your shower into an organized space.

  1. Graywater Systems

Another green plumbing innovation is greywater systems. People are constantly coming up with new methods of conserving and reusing water. Gray water systems are a technological advancement in the plumbing industry that allows homeowners to reuse water from the showers, sinks, washers and dishwashers for watering lawns and other purposes.

  1. Water heaters

Your hot water heater is an “indispensable ally” when it comes to upgrading and saving money on your power bill. Tankless heaters (on-demand water heaters) are some of the most efficient units, that only heat water when the hot water is needed.

  1. Flashy FixturesTouchless faucets

Touchless fixtures have recently been introduced into home construction even though they are not quite new in the plumbing industry. Touchless faucets are cleaner and don’t need as much care as conventional taps. Some appliances and faucets are upgraded with LED screens that show you the temperature. Others have red and blue lights to indicate water temperature.


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