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What are Shower Pans and why are they Important?

Basic Definitions

What are shower pansIt is worth to notice that even though the terms shower base and shower pan are often used as synonyms, there are some key differences. These terms are often confused because of the similar functions they perform.

shower base/shower pan is a separate area that can both direct but also retain water in the drain. Both structures consist of a drain hole and have a sloped floor to help them lead water in the right direction, a threshold, and sidewalls. However, there are some differences between the two.

As far as the installation goes, the shower pan is a single piece unit that fits into the shower alcove and its installation is easy, while the shower base requires more time and preparation to install properly.

In this article we will take a closer look at shower pans and determine why they are so important for every shower.

Shower Pan Proper Installation

Shower pan is the entire floor of the shower and it collects the water and directs it down the drain. The underlying surface of the pan consists of two layers of sloped cement, with a PVC liner between them to collect any remaining water that seeps through the surface.

Proper installation of a shower pan is crucial for your shower long and lasting service. Improper installation leads to leaks and worse than that flooding of your bathroom, which can eventually result in a very expensive damage.

Shower pan can either enhance or spoil a shower. It is important to stick to the right size, shape, and material of a shower pan, but not just that. Picking a style that will match your bathroom’s decor will create an attractive look of your modern bathroom.

Questions to ask while choosing the right shower pan:

Shower pan proper installation

  1. How important is the initial purchase price?

If you plan on staying in your home for quite a while, shower pan is not something you need to save on. Invest in a functional, high-quality unit and you won’t regret it over time.

  1. What about style and custom size?

You have already decided to improve the looks of your bathroom space and ready to invest some money in this project. Why then not have a stylish shower with some color and shape? And maybe a custom-designed one to fit your bathroom size perfectly? However, remember that you won’t find such a shower pan among low-cost fiberglass pans that are massively produced.

  1. Who is going to use this shower pan?

Think in terms of who will use your shower pan not only at present but also in the future.

If your parents are elderly, do you think they will ever need to live with you as they grow older? In this case a low profile or barrier free pan will be a great choice.

  1. Am I the only one who will clean the shower?Who will clean the shower

If you don’t feel like paying a cleaning company to deal with your grout joints, you’ll want a grout free shower pan. Acrylic, solid surface and refined marble are all smart choices. And stay away from fiberglass pans. When they get dirty, it is really hard to get the grime out of the bottom.

At Pomona Valley Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning, we often get complaints from homeowners about leaky shower pans. Most likely their shower pans were initially installed incorrectly. Repairing your leaky shower pan usually means tearing out the old one and installing a new one which can be pretty costly.

So make sure you hire someone who is skilled in installing shower pans the first time. Whether you’re installing a new shower pan or dealing with a leak, call professional plumbers from our company!

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